Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer fun at the Grimm house

Jayden's 4th birthday was last Saturday. He got to eat cereal twice (his choice), Mcdonalds once, and go to Glenn Oak Zoo and see the new "Africa" exhibit (well worth the trip, by the way. Much improved over the old zoo). Among his many gifts from family was a bow with 3 arrows (all of which are now broken). He loved it and keeps talking about how he can't wait until he turns "5". Also, note the "hippo" cake that my multi-talanted wife created!

Jodi Labudde from Phoenix was in town last week, so Jenni and Amber planned a "mom and kid" fun day at mom and dad's pond. Present were: Amber, Mom Grimm, Jenni, Jodi, Susie Blunier, Roxy Blunier, Joy Roth, and Joan Plattner. Days like this are good ammo for us men to use when the moms start complaining about "being stuck at home all day"......... :) I don't really mean that, I just had to say it because I know Joan will be reading this......

The above and below picts are of the twins. Growing up like crazy and looking cute! They are averaging 8 hours of sleep a night! That is definitely an answer to prayers as both boys did not sleep well through the night until 7 months or so. Thanks to Brittany Zelt for the awesome shirts!

I keep saying that we would recommend twins to anyone!! It is a blast! Amb and I were just discussing that all our blog posts are from "the worst of times" and, in reality, life has been great with the girls. Now that we don't have 4 kids under 4 anymore, maybe we won't get quite as many "wow you must be busy" looks......... Have a great week!

Fun at the lake!

One last thing. Praise God for the new set of lungs he has provided for my cousin Brent Blunier. What an amazing miracle. View his blog at ""

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 29 2009. A day to remember........

Before we get to the good stuff, Here are 2 pictures of the boys helping out at home.

So, on top of everything else, Buzz decides to write all over the walls! Luckily it was with washable crayon and not permanent marker. He did learn how to wipe it off, though....

Ok, now the fun part! Last Saturday, our out-of-town potluck group met at Fon-Du-Lac park in East Peoria. We grilled and had a great time visiting and playing baseball with the kids. After supper, the guys went down to the baseball diamond and started hitting balls around. The kids were hanging around the baseball diamond, and buzz decided to start climbing. He made it to the top of the bleachers (about 6 feet up). All of a sudden we hear a crash and terrible crying. Amber saw him laying on the concrete with blood all over. We knew right away stitches were going to be needed on his chin. We quickly packed everything up and hurried to Methodist where Andrew was a trooper and got 6 stitches on his chin. Thankfully there were no broken bones!

The ironic thing about this episode is the timing. Exactly 1 year ago, we were at another park in Peoria with 1 of the same couples (Lucas and Diana Gudeman), and I dislocated my knee and had to be hauled in to the ER. Next year at this time, we are avoiding parks, and the Gudeman's (no offence Lucas and Diana.....).


Buzz after we got back home. The nurse at the ER told us she is afraid this little guy will visit them often. Just in that short time period, she could tell he was a dandy!

Poor Poor Buzzy......

Memorial Day Weekend in MN

Memorial day with the Joos's!!
Jayden helping mom feed the babies! 11 hours in the van with 4 kids under 4!!!

Buzz enjoying a muffin and helping daddy drive.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Adam's sisters hanging out late at night.....

The Grimm and Joos kids. Mallory (the girl in the middle) and Andrew took turns hitting and pinching each other all weekend. Man, are they ever two peas in a pod.........

It has been a very eventfull couple weeks. We spent Memorial day weekend in MN with Amber's sister. Great memories were made! The girls are great travelers. I told Amber that this was the smoothest trip yet (even with 4 kids under 4). The girls are starting to smile alot and are tons of fun. This past Saturday made memories of it's own, but that will take a blog post of its own..............