Saturday, October 24, 2009


Jayden's preschool class at Ackerman farms in Morton.

The boys helping celebrate their favorite babysitter's (Mallory Bauman) 17th birthday.

Amber's latest picture of the twins. Starting to look more and more alike, huh....
Monday I am loosing my wife and kids to Minnesota for a week and will be here alone, so if anyone has some good, home cooking and an extra chair at the table, my cell # is 696-6611. Actually, I have filled up the week with plans almost too much. I made Amb think that I couldn't wait to be alone. How untrue that is!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday School, Tanners Orchard, and the girls

We spent a great Sunday afternoon with the Sauder's at Tanner's Orchard. The kids had a total blast!

Girls starting to sit up. How fun.

While we were at Tanner's, we found the perfect spot for the twin's 6 month pictures. Macy above, Mariah below. The pictures turned out great.

Our 6 grade Sunday school wiener roast got rained out a couple weeks ago, so we had a pizza party at our house instead. Above is Nate Wiegand acting normal.

Decorating cookies with the class. Thanks for coming everyone!

Jayden's first day of preschool. Pretty big stuff!