Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jayden turns 7!

Jayden's birthday started out with green waffles!  I made green waffles, cut them into triangles and formed them into trees for Christmas.  He thought it was fun so requested green waffles for his birthday breakfast!
 His gift from us was this bow and arrows/darts.  We'll see how long this one lasts!  :)
 Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to give him his gifts before Wednesday night church.  
 Another birthday. . . . another cake. . . . 
This time it was an airplane:)
 This cake shows Jayden's very detailed personality.  We formed it together and when it was time to frost I called him up to help.  He told me where to put each line, the windows, the words, and that he wanted 1 blue "A" and 1 red "A".  Once I caught on that we were making an American Airlines plane we pulled an image up online and of course he decides he wants the emblem on there.  Can you tell what that sign is between the "A"'s?  :)
 Friday night he got to have 3 friends overnight to camp out with.  They did great and had lots of fun eating out at Tobins, playing boy games (guns and indians), swimming, and playing with gifts they gave Jayden.  
 Jayden finished up his weekend staying overnight at Grandma Sharon's.  He finally got his bike!  He had been asking for a bike since last summer and we kept putting it off.  He didn't get one from us or Grandma/pa Grimm so was hoping Grandma Sharon and aunts had gotten him one!  They did!