Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pray for the Sauder family

Please pray for the Derek and Leann Sauder family from Tremont IL. They recieved very bad news today about Derek's cancer. You can follow their blog at

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jayden loses his first tooth!!

Experiencing all of your child's "firsts" in life is the best part of being a parent.

After going weeks with a tooth that is about to fall out, Jayden finally asked me last night to pull it for him. I did it once, it cracked loud, started bleeding, and Jayden started wailing in fear..... I went to get changed from my work clothes, thinking that he wont let me touch him for days, and here he comes, bound and determined to overcome his fear. Through his tears, he says "try again, dad". On the 3rd yank, out it came. He was so excited. He was even more excited this morning, when he woke up, and saw money under his pillow instead of a tooth.

The thought I had last night, was that today I pulled his first tooth, tomorrow I will be letting him drive a car for the first time, then watching him get married, etc etc..... Life goes so fast, enjoy each day that God give you!

Minnesota with the Joos family!

Last weekend we had a great 3 days with Amber sister, and her family. Contrary to popular opinion, Minnesota is hospitable in January (sometimes!).

On Saturday, Kevin and I took the 4 oldest kids to lake Minnewaska to ice fish. Kevin's brother Michael had a bunch of single guys there as well. 55 fish later, we went home..... Andrew and Jayden even got in on the action!

The best part of ice fishing for kids. Hot dogs, unlimited soda, and great times, with no moms around to stop the fun. Below is Kevin and I pulling the kids around their lake with the 4 wheeler.

Adyson, Macy, and Maria having the best of times.

This is a crew. Buzz, Mallory, Mariah, Macy, and Adyson having fun with costumes.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Never having enough

Macy this morning after breakfast, surrounded by more new toys than you can imagine: "mommy, when is it Christmas so we can open presents".....

oh boy, where did we fail...... LOL