Friday, March 25, 2011

Best of Friends

Sharing and having the best of times! I'm so thankful for these girls!

Always in it together :)

I couldn't resist adding this video. The girls love this song and want it to be played over and over. Of course I'm thrilled that they share my love for singing! Hopefully they keep it up!


Yesterday after my late afternoon Jog, I saw our oldest son, Jayden by the pond with one of my old baseball bats. He said he chased a "hampster" into the lake. After a few more questions to him about size and dimensions, I explained to him what a "muskrat" is....... :)

Anyone want to start trapping??

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Macy and Mariah are 2!!!!

A couple weekends ago we visited Mom A and Aunts and decided to celebrate the girl's birthday. I made up these sunglasses cakes and they got to open their gifts from the Adams' which they loved!
Joyce helped the girls celebrate with balloons and cookies in the shape of a 2. It was so fun to have her stop by and visit.
Since I made the sunglasses cakes earlier I decided not to make another cake for just our family on the girls' birthday. Instead we decided to make pancake faces for supper.

Grandma/pa Grimm stopped by to give the girls' their presents. We gave them VTech laptops, purses, and flip-flops. Mike thinks they might already be spoiled, but surely not???? :)

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a fun morning on Valentine's Day. We invited a couple friends over and made Rice Krispie Treat Kisses. Then we passed them on to a few widows to help brighten their day. We love them all!

Macy is really enjoying the Rice Krispies. Don't worry, we washed in between batches!

Getting the kids involved and "trying" to avoid sticky fingers!

Aren't these kisses so cute?

All wrapped up and ready to deliver!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brutal honesty of a 4 year old

Today we were all eating cereal for breakfast. While trying to mind my own business, Andrew suddenly pipes up "DADDY, you have hair inside your NOSE!!!".

I guess sometimes the truth hurts. Anyone have a nose hair trimmer????? LOL.......