Sunday, August 28, 2011

Buzz learns to ride a bike (and run away from a cop))

Jayden teaching Buzz how to ride a bike without training wheels. The funniest part was later when he was riding down the street. He fell down right in front of a police car, and instead of getting help back on his bike, he freaks out and runs home.....

August 2011

It has been a very action packed summer and we have much to thank the Lord for.

Our out of town potluck group recently got together in Bradford, IL.

We kept our niece, Mallory Joos (from MN) for a few days. Loved having her here.

Jayden off to 1st grade!

A few weeks back, we had a bunch of Amb's cousins from Forrest, IL, for a Sunday. This was one of the calm moments.... Not many of those with 20 some kids running around....

Our good friends, Brandon and Maria Emch from Kansas City, stayed with us for a weekend recently. Very enjoyable time catching up on each other's lives.

Typical moment with the Grimm kids.

Splashdown water park a few Saturday's ago. Boys loved the water slides. Macy loved to whine.

Captured the kids playing "Church" the other day. Below is a video that will make you laugh. Hopefully Buzz learns to sing on pitch one of these days!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kids do listen in Church....

Sometimes it is easy to think that kids don't pay attention in Church, but 2 things happened last night to disprove this.

During the service, while the boys were playing, we were reminded to put on the armor of God, and not try to defeat satan on our own. During this topic, the minister stated "don't ever run away from satan" (meaning don't do it on our own without God's help). Both boys looked up right away to me and said "why not, dad?". So the next 5 minutes I got to explain that satan can run faster than us, but God runs much faster, so as long as we trust in God, we will go faster than satan. :):)

Also, during the singing of "God is our Refuge", Andrew pipes up very loud "DAD, WHAT DOES REFUGE MEAN??".

Many Wednesday's, I am tempted to leave the kids at home because it is so hard to get 4 little kids ready for Church. But as Amber always reminds me, we are putting them under the sound of the Word! They hear more than we think!