Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deer Fighting

Saw this last Saturday right below mom and dad's back patio. First time I have seen deer fighting live. Pretty cool. I'm not a die hard hunter, but this got me back in the mood.......

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trip to MN and Andrew 3 yrs

Andrew is 3! He chose a zebra cake for his birthday. Can you tell that's what it's supposed to be?

I got to go to MN for a week with my mom and 2 other sisters to visit Kelli. It was so great to all be together, and the kids had a ball playing together! They even got to go trick-or-treating together. We had a little trouble getting Mike up there, but on the 3rd flight scheduled he finally made it! He was so sweet to fly up and drive the kids and I home. I didn't want to tackle a 10 hour drive with 4 kids on my own. :)

Yes . . . . it did snow while we were there, but it melted the next day. Jayden was so excited and wondered if we remembered his boots!

Aren't they cute?