Saturday, August 29, 2009

Potluck, kids, and cutting down trees

We spent last Sunday with our "out of town" potluck group. Had a great time catching up (Doug and Janelle Brewer are now living in San Diego and we don't get to see them too often anymore). Got to take Amber out for her b-day yesterday without any of the kids! Only the 2nd or 3rd time we have done that since the girls were born. At Biaggis, we saw 2 other couples we knew and found out that both of the wives had birthday's yesterday also. Funny. Today I got to spend some time ripping up a decades old brick sidewalk at my brothers house. In case you don't know, Keith bought a repossessed, century old house in Congerville and is pretty much re-doing the entire place. He is busy buying "how to" books and doing a great job! Although, sometimes I wonder if we are really brothers, because tearing up and rebuilding an old house is about the last thing I would ever want to do.

Have a great weekend and keep "counting your blessings"! So often satan gets us to do the exact opposite.

"Out of town" potluck at Lucas and Diana Gudeman's (Bradford, IL)

Picnic with mom one day this week. More fun while dad is working!

Boys "helping" mom clean out the cabinets!

Cutting down another tree! Before and after.

Another "interesting" day with the Grimm kid's!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lighthouse Open House!

A crazy 3 days last week serving over 2,000 at our annual dealership open house. It was fun and we all enjoyed the fellowship with past, present, and future customers.

Hap Zook and Delton Whitaker getting ready!

Food Line.

Our twins hanging out and loving to watch all the people.

Under the tent.

View of the kid's slide, etc.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Minnesota with Zimmerman cousins

Part 3 of our vacation. A great weekend spent at Amb's sister's in Morris, MN. Many of the Forrest/Fairbury Zimmerman cousins came also. 16 adults, 20 kids. Can you say crazy! Lots of food, skiing, softball, volleyball, "Settlers of Cataan", food, food, and did I mention food? It was great memories and a very action packed 3 days. Typical "Zimmerman" style conversation was also very prevelant!

Honore Zimmerman holding the community cat.

Amber's cousin Ryan holding Mariah.

Great conversation

Jayden thinking he is hot stuff on the softball field.

Macy sleeping with the cat keeping a close eye on her from below deck.

Another very laid back, non competitive volleyball game............

Shrimp boil.......... Now that is real food!

Amber's sister Kelli holding her daughter Adyson.

Tory Zimmerman holding Macy.

Wisconsin with mom and dad Grimm

Part 2 of our vacation. Great times with mom, dad, and Matt

Boys acting silly with the girls hats.

S'mores. The best!

Dad holding a baby. His favorite thing to do in the whole world (not!).

Mariah with hat.

Relaxing by the fire. Watch out for the low flying bats (no joke, they are all over in the tree tops).

Ice cream at "Cathy's"

Matt Grimm----Stud Muffin/Proffessional skiier/Flight Simulator addict!!

6 years of blissful marriage and going strong!

Dad watching the babies again. Maybe he does like baby-sitting. Hey dad, what are you doing this weekend..........

Vacation August 2009

Great memories were made with Nate and Brittany last week. We spent a few days at mom and dad's place in northern Wisconisn. After Zeltwanger's left, mom and dad came for 5 days. Then, since we love driving 2,000 miles with 4 kids under 5, we went to Minnessota to be with Kevin and Kelli and a bunch of Amber's Zimmerman cousins. Will show other pictures in the next couple blog posts.


Best pizza in the northwoods-------"Vinchies"

Brittany and Macy

Getting ready to take out the Hobie-cat!

Shirts to remember the best cheese curds in the word!

Jayden and Andrew with fish. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Nate and Brittany, our kids adopted "aunt and uncle".

"Pig in the Pines" festival. Had to go twice just so we could load up on more cheese curds.

Buzz's vocabulary is quite hilarious!