Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looking for part time help at Lighthouse.

Do you know anyone looking for part time work this winter? We are very short handed in the shop this winter due to sport injuries, etc. Basic mechanical knowledge is the only requirement. If you know someone interested, post a comment, or send me an e-mail at Thanks!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy T-Giving, Merry Christmas! From the Grimms

I finally sat down to do a blog update. Trying to delegate this to Amb hasn't worked out too well. Something about 4 kids at home, babies, demands, etc, etc......... :):)

Anyway, here is what is happening at the Grimm house.

We haven't really been away from the kids for an extended period since the twins came along, so we took advantage of the "Sharon Adams Kid Watching Service" and left them all at Amber's mom's last Friday. She says she loves it, so we take advantage of it (Note---don't say you want to watch our kids unless you really mean it, because we remember and take mental notes.). Then took the train from Pontiac to downtown Chicago to shop, ice skate, and just spend "quality time" without any screams, whines, why's, whats, that's, how's, who's, when's, but dad's, but mom's, poop, puke, pee, diapers, bottles, baby food, etc. It was a great day and 1/2!

Does Amber look like she is in her glory?? (hint--you bet)

One night while I was babysitting, we had fun with some "bubba teeth". Looking good boys!

Girls are starting to get very mischievous. We were on cruise control for a few months, but now that they are crawling and not sleeping as much, it is definitely getting more crazy around here.

During thanksgiving, I was thinking how God has blessed us so much with our healthy twins, etc. A generation or two ago, Mariah would have died in the womb during childbirth. Don't we all have so many reasons to be thankful and rejoice, most of all for the shed blood on calvary's cross? Praise be to God!