Sunday, May 23, 2010

The pool is up!

This Saturday we started early and got the pool set up. Mike and Buzz are shoveling sand into the wheelbarrow to use to level the ground for the pool. Jayden and I got to rake the sand that was dumped and get it "level".

Next came laying the pool out in the right spot - the boys were VERY excited by this point! Then we filled it up with water - bring on the sunshine!

Something tells me I might have my hands full this summer! :) This is Buzz Sunday after church. He just couldn't resist checking it out!

I had to throw in this Sunday morning picture of the girls. Bows and dresses are so fun!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are you Rich?

A very interesting article that puts our worldly possessions in perspective. Makes me feel guilty for ever wanting more money/possessions. It's human nature to seek after more wealth, and is probably one of the hardest things about living in America. We have it so good, it can hurt us spiritually if we are not careful.

How Rich Are You? Most likely richer than you think!

It is our firm belief that living in a country that still supports our freedoms (at least most of them) helps make us the richest in the world.

However, in looking at purely "money" - the World Bank Development Research Group released some calculations as to how rich we really are. The article was featured on Yahoo a few days ago:

How Rich Are You?

As the article reports, the Group has posted a wealth ranking website. If you are earning the American median income for 2009 ($52,000), then you are in the top .97 percentile of all moneymakers.

Here is the wealth-ranking website:

Wealth Ranking Website

This site invites you to share your wealth with others. Of course, there are SO many ways we can help those less privileged that we. Helping those who have legitimate needs is our desire. We are not endorsing any of the organizations of the site, but we do agree with the concept that we are "richer" than we think, and this gives us added responsibility.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Buzz Moment!

Recently we visited the Gridley Apostolic Church. I had both boys with me and we happened to sit next to a respected, middle aged minister in the audience.

After the service, I was introducing my boys to him, and Andrew promptly blurts out "you are old!". The minister thought it was hilarious, but still made me want to crawl in a hole!

Another memorable moment with Buzz. They just keep happening!