Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goodbye to Grandpa Zimmerman

Amber's grandpa Zimmerman went to his reward last Friday at 92 years old. He served the Lord faithfully for over 70 years, and influenced many many people. He let his light shine to me in the short 8 years that I knew him. His Godly attitude and humble heart were on display daily.
He also showed me how a true Christian marriage should be. He and grandma would call each other "lover" even after 65 plus years of marriage. During the visitation, it warmed my heart to see grandma get up every few minutes, walk over to the casket, kiss grandpa, and whisper to him. What a testimony to all who witnessed it!

Talking to my brother in law Kevin Joos and I in 2005.

Holding Andrew in 2006.

Holding Macy in 2009

Visiting our new house last spring.

Holding Macy 1 month ago as his health was declining.

After the visitation, I brought the kids back to mom Adams' house (where he died). The boys were asking questions about grandpa's bed, machines, etc that were still in the living room. I explained to them that this is where grandpa died. Jayden (who recently learned how to read and is trying to sound out everything he can) looked up to the mantle and said "good thing it says "FAITH" up there!"

I had to think....that is exactly what grandpa would want us to remember. Faith in God above all else. Thanks grandpa for the heritage you left us! We will all miss you, but look forward to that great reunion someday in Heaven!