Friday, January 22, 2010

10 Months with Twins

I was thinking today. Are twins . . .

Double the work?

or double the play?

Double the trouble?

Or double the fun?

Double the smiles?

Double the friends?

Double the help?

Is your glass half empty or half full?
I believe ours is overflowing!
Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oregon January 2010

Last weekend, we headed to Oregon to visit some fantastic friends. Yes, some are probably saying "Oregon in winter? why would you do that?" For the record, it did rain every day, but we didn't go for the weather, we went for "fellowship and fun (oh yeah, and food, also)". It was a little hard for Amb to leave the twins (ok, very hard since Macy had croup), but they were in very good hands (mom Adams). They boys absolutely loved the "adventure". They came to refer to it as "house hopping".

Heading into St Louis airport. As you can see, all I had to carry was the camera..... Jayden was facinated with the airplanes, etc, and when we took off the first time, he exclaimed "mom, I can see the whole world from here". Priceless.
Amber had a great relationship in the young group with the Bob and Linda Kuenzi daughters, and since we have been married, it has grown to a fantastic friendship for me also. We have great times together. Above is Ty Moser (Kuenzi) making sure Nash has enough ice cream.

Jayden, Andrew, and Nash with wagon.

Friday we all went to the coast and stayed in a condo complex. As always, the pool is the number 1 attraction for the boys.

The surf in the northwest is very powerfull in the winter. Above is the view from our condo.

Kids being kids............... Hilarious!

Amber, Phillip Petrovic, and Tasha Petrovic (Kuenzi) getting ready for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Tenille Kuenzi, Ty Moser, and James and Clayton Schneider.

Ashlyn Petrovic, Sam Moser, Phil and Brandon (otherwise known as "brother") Petrovic.

Kids lining up for a picture. Notice Mr "No cooperate" off to the right? Jayden can be quite strong willed and stubborn at very random moments.

Missing the girls, but still had a family picture taken.

Shopping at Lincoln City, Oregon outlet mall. Pictured are Buzz, Jayden, and Brandon Petrovic.

Non stop action for the kids all weekend long.

Intense Rook game with Phil, James, and Sam. Notice James is finally smiling (a few days of losing were starting to wear on him until he and Phil pulled off an upset right before this picture). Great times.

Sunday was great fellowship at Silverton church, then spent the evening with other families that we knew there (some originally from Goodfield). Monday, the rain stopped so we drove to Silver Creek Falls (about 30 minutes up into the Cascade mountains). It is just majesticly beautiful.

The wet view from behind the falls.

Ty, Tonya Schneider (Kuenzi), Phil, Tasha, and us, along with all the kiddos. Thanks to Phil for taking the day off so I wasn't the only guy (oh wait, maybe that wouldn't have been a bad thing).

Jayden had his first bout of "Infatuation" this weekend. Ashlyn Petrovic was a great friend and made him feel so welcome, that Jayden went a little "head over heels" for her. It was so funny to watch. Shy around her, but then non stop talking when we were alone.

Buzz, Ashlyn, Jayden, and Clayton hanging out at the Lodge.

Snack of champions there, Mike. Potato chips and Pepsi.

Bob and Linda Kuenzi. A great couple that raised a great family (with God's help of course). Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Can you tell we ran Andrew a little hard? He slept most of the way home.

Mom reunited with her girls. Notice the smile!

This video is hilarious! We were down by the beach, watching the waves crash in, and while taking a video, a "sneaker wave" roared up the steps and completely soaked Buzz and Amb. Andrew was wet and full of sand from head to toe. Somehow, he is always the one that gets into bad situations. Also notice, none of the Oregon natives were at the bottom of the steps.........

Video of Silver Creek Falls.

Blog post complete, now back to the real world! Continue to pray for those in Haiti.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

We really enjoyed our first Christmas with the twins. The "Mike Grimm Family" Christmas was a great success!

Mariah on left, Macy on right.

Jayden and Buzz with their gifts. Both were a hit.

Quick take a picture while everyone is looking at the camera! No, there aren't any faces that have been altered......

"Jeff Grimm Family" Christmas. Great times.

Macy on left, Mariah on right.

Grandpa holding Macy.

This video is priceless. Watch Jayden's face as he removes the wrapping paper.

Hope everyone has a very blessed 2010.