Friday, February 19, 2010

Gettin "Naptized"

Tonight at the supper table, our son Andrew suddenly proclaimed: "mom, when I get big, I'm gonna get my swimmin' suit on, and my goggles, and go on the pulpit and get "naptized".

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Spent last weekend with Amber's sister and brother in law in the twin cities. Had a great time and the kids absolutely loved being together. Everything was great, until the 7 hour ride home with 2 tired girls......

Kids getting ready to go. Say Cheese!

Buzz "the fish" enjoying the pool.

Hi Macy and Mariah!

The girls were not too sure about the pool at first, but finally got used to it and enjoyed it.

The hotel we met the Joos's at has an indoor play area that is like the Mcdonald play land times 10. It is huge! Why was there nothing like this in the 80's when I could have enjoyed it? Oh well, I guess we did have the Hardees merry-go-round "puke machine" back then, huh?

This slide is about 1/2 way up the play land. Adults were able to go up with the kids, so I sent Amber to take the pictures. Mallory sure is enjoying it!

You can't visit Minneapolis/St Paul without going to the Mall of America. Here are the boys with the "Rainforest Cafe" frog. Where is Amber? Oh yeah, it is a mall. Hide the credit cards.

Leaving the Rainforest Cafe after finding out we would have to wait 3 hours to be seated. Kevin is just loving the mall, can't you tell?

The boys with the "Bubba Gump" Shrimp guy.

Back home safe. This picture sums up what goes through my mind about every other day. "Where did all these kids appear from?" While driving home, it hit me as I looked in the back of the van. I told Amb "this van is stuffed full of people". Life goes so fast. Before long, we will be having weddings and saying goodbye. We must appreciate every moment God gives us and not "waste" life looking ahead or wishing we were in another stage. Easy to say, hard to do, when kids are puking, crying, pooping, and fighting. Am I right, mom's??