Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Buzz MN trip comment

We had a fun trip to visit the Joos family in MN. On the way, Buzz was asking every 30 minutes how much longer it will be until we get there. Finally I had enough and said "Andrew don't ask again until it is dark outside. We won't get there until night, so quit asking until you see that it is dark."

20 minutes later he blurts out "dad, when will it get dark outside??


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Andrew's 6th Birthday!

Andrew was super excited for his birthday!  He would tell anyone who would listen that his birthday was coming up, and it was his GOLDEN birthday!  Wow!  So fun for him!  :)

We started the day with a candle in his pancake
 Sharing birthday treats at school
 Andrew's cake:  I wanted to do something for his golden birthday, so it became pirate themed with a treasure chest cake.  Notice the gold coins?
 And here are the troops!  We invited the boys from Andrew's kindergarten class for a party in the evening.  Here they are ready for pizza.
 Playing a balloon popping game
 Tug of war
 Snowman game - aren't they cute?
 It soon turned into this though!  It's snowing!
 Andrew with his presents
 Time for cake!
 Look at those pirate boys!  What dandies!