Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buzz great comment

Last week, I was working in our basement. Andrew came down, asked if he could help, and started taking things to the garage for me.

After 3 trips, he comes back down and exclaims "daddy, you can count on me".

I guess those "Patch the Pirate" cd's are getting through to him........

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye Belaire Ct, Hello Lake Pointe Dr!

The move is finally done! We started moving with Amber's mom last Saturday, and ended up moving beds, dressers, etc. Slept in a half filled house Saturday night. My family helped finish moving on Monday (finishing with a Mickie's pizza run!). Wow, moving a family of 6 is no small task. In the last week, I have become best friends with my cordless drill, level, and stud finder. It is not my cup of tea, but most everything is hung, and I have not had to re-do anything yet. That in itself is a great accomplishment for me!

One final picture of the old house. Getting it cleaned out and ready for it's new owners, Arlen and Marissa Edelman.

Unloading at the new house. The outside will be a mud mess for a while, but we hope to have the brick, concrete, etc done by early summer (if the weather ever warms up...).

For some reason, Amb and I have always moved on one of the coldest days of the year. Oh well, I always say I love winter.

Boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes.

Two "tough" Adams girls lifting and loading and packing and unloading. Hope I didn't work them too hard!

Amb said she wanted to move the heavy stuff, so I accepted her offer. Don't call me a slave driver! It was her idea.....

Grandma Grimm helping unpack and put things away.

Unpacking fun!

Keith and Peri pausing for a moment during Monday's big move.

Dad and Matt Sauder emptying another trailer full of "stuff" (or "junk").

Girls loving their new bed and bedroom. First night on actual beds. Amber was nervous all night worrying they would fall out of bed, but they never did.

We took the boys bunkbeds apart and set them side by side. They love it!

I interviewed the kids after things settled down. There is never a dull moment in our house right now. Someday we will blink, the kids will be gone, and Amb and I will wonder why it is so quiet in the house (well maybe not, It's always been hard for me to be "quiet").