Friday, September 30, 2011

Generation Gap!

Found a 1992 edition of "The Sporting News" magazine the other day. At work, a few of us were looking through it, remembering all the players from our childhood. One of our young technicians comes up, looks at it, and says "The Sporting News, whats that? Oh that must have been before the internet".....

Wow, do I ever feel old. Only 7 years age difference, but a total generation apart......


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kiss mom! Buzz great comment.

Saturday night, we were driving home from a wedding. Amb and I had to drive separate. On the way home, we both needed fuel. After pulling along side Amb, filling both vehicles, and taking back off, Buzz asked me "dad, why did you pull next to mom at the gas station?". I responded "because I like to be close to her".

Very loud, he exclaims "yeah, so you can kiss her!!".

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Macy swallows a magnet ball.

A few weeks ago, the kids were playing our magnet building game. Macy coughed a little and then cried. Amber came into the room and asked "Macy did you swallow something"? She responded "yeah, a BALL!" We worried a little that she may have swallowed multiple magnet balls, so the next morning we got a x-ray done. Bet you can't tell where the ball was??

Thankfully it passed a few days later...Too funny!