Monday, September 27, 2010

Another hilarious Andrew quote

A few nights ago at the supper table, Andrew was talking a mile a minute, and just kept jabbering on and on. I finally asked him "Buzz, you sure like to talk, don't you".

He instantly replied "Daddy, I love to talk to Jesus' heart".

I am still trying to figure out how he thinks up some of his responses. He sure gives us many laughs...........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Grimm's are moving!

Our new address as of January, 2011: 208 Lake Pointe Dr, Goodfield IL.

The Lord has given us direction to build a home in the Lakes at Oak Valley, just south of Goodfield (the other side of the interstate for those of you from out of town). We have tried to seek His will in getting a larger house to be able to better host company and raise our kids. He has closed and opened doors for us the last 6 months and this just all fell into place perfectly. The boys did not want to move at first, but once they saw the fishing/swimming lake, they were hooked. The girls don't care where we live...... :)

Below is the view of our lot from the East.

Below is another view from the West.

And finally, the view from the North.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garage Sale at the Grimms!! This week only.

Amber is having a huge garage sale at our house starting tomorrow.

Dates/times: Wednesday 12:30-3:00, Thursday 8:00 am-5:00.

Some of the items we will be selling:

--18' diameter, 4' deep Intex pool (includes ladder, chemicals, and hardware). Also selling sand filter pump that we just bought this spring. Paid $300.00 for filter pump. Selling everything (pool, pump, all accessories) for $200.00.

--Blue "Safari" brand single jogger stroller.

--Tons of name brand fall/winter children's clothing/shoes.
-Boys 0-4 t
-Girls 0-12 mo

--Numerous infant/toddler toys.

--Misc. household items.

As I look at our garage with the all these things for sale, I wonder if we have anything left in the house. We need a bigger garage for our garage sales........

Blessings.... Mike

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"3 good men" sung by Andrew Grimm

Yesterday, Andrew was at grandma Sharon's and sang his latest Sunday School song. It went as follows: "3 good men lived very long ago, Shadrach, Meeshach, and a band-aid go"...... Too funny!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Visit to Indiana and Macy Pigtails

We spent last weekend in Leo, Indiana visiting cousins Tim and Christa Wiegand. The boys had a great time with Jack and Willis, but the adults may have had more fun. Great conversations about kids, reminiscing about years gone by, etc etc. The highlight may have been a moment while playing "Settlers of Cataan" that will go down in history. Even though I lost in the end, it was fun seeing Tim speechless after I played my "monopoly" card and took all of his wood.

All the kids eating gushers together.

This was great. Tim had an old slide projector and 1 roll of slides, so we popped popcorn and watched them. They were taken on our "single in 2002 hike the grand canyon to the river and back in 1 day in 115 degree heat" trip with Josh Wyss. It brought back lots of great memories, but reminded us of how miserable we were after hiking 23 miles in seering heat in and out of the largest canyon in the world. Don't think we will be doing it again soon, but hey, we can brag that we did it once, right???

Best Buddies, Andrew, Jack, and Jayden.

Macy is finally getting enough hair for pigtails, so Amb had to try it out. Quite funny!! Mariah on the other hand will be waiting a while. Still bald on top, but finally starting to get some hair in the back. It will be fun to tease her when she grows up, that as a baby, the older men always thought she was a boy (even with pink dresses, and bows on her head)...

Now it's time to quit loafing and get the pool taken down for the winter. Boo Hoo!