Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today I told Mariah she was going to get 1000 kisses. Andrew blurts out "NOT ON THE LIPS, EEEWWW". Jayden, a few years older and wiser, tells Andrew "Buzzy, you will HAVE to kiss on the lips when you get married!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wisconsin summer 2011

Random pictures from our trip to mom and dad's cabin in Wisconsin. Had a great time getting away from the business of work/life......

The beautiful northwoods. Worth a trip if you have never been there.

The Bear Trap Inn
Do you think the girls are enjoying their soda?

Good picture of dad, mom, and Matt.

Waiting for the 4th of July parade.

The boys are getting better on skis. We were able to disconnect the trainer rope and they did good.

Apples and popcorn by the fire. Yes, I said fire..... It's a different world up there. My kind of weather. Never too hot, gets cool at night, etc etc. The water is somewhere between freezing and bone chilling cold, but I love it! Amber on the other hand, has a different opinion.

Matt and his nephews on the tube. The boys loved having their uncle with us for 10 days.

Mariah and Jayden helping grandpa play on his phone.

Ready to go out to eat!

We had mom snap a quick family picture by one of the restaurants.

Getting a little crazy waiting for fireworks. It doesn't get dark up there until after 10:30! As you can see, Macy isn't too fond of the loud bangs...

Buzz got worn out the last day. This picture is priceless.

It's always good to go on vacation, and good to come home!