Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Family Pictures

Some of you requested more family pictures, so here they are. Brittany Zeltwanger took these - She does such an awesome job and we love her!!!!

I had to add this as requested. :) I will be submissive to my husband and not order this as our main family picture, but I might have to sneak a 5x7 or something. I still like it even if he thinks it's very unnatural! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Buzz church moment we won't forget!

Bear with me on this one. This is typical of our 2nd son......

Andrew has had a bad habit the last few months of having to "go stinkies" right in the middle our afternoon church service. I have told him numerous times that he needs to hold it in or go before we go in to church, as we are sick of taking him out all the time.

The last few times he has tried this, I have noticed that he kind of makes a game out of it and doesn't even do what he should be doing. Smelling a rat, I told him last week that from now on, if he says he has to "go stinkies", and he doesn't go, he will get a spanking.

Now we come to yesterday in afternoon church. In the middle of the service he tells me "daddy I have to go pee". I said no, hold it in. He then proceeds to say "I have to go stinkies". Again, I said no, just hold it until church is over. After dancing around and whining for about 3 minutes, I finally took him out with the condition that if he didn't go, he would get spanked.

We head to the bathroom and he sits on the toilet. After about 6 or 7 grunts, he tells me "daddy, I have to sit here a long time so I can go stinkies". I knew he wouldn't go, but decided to wait and see what happens.

After about 2 more minutes of grunting, he starts whimpering. Finally he cries out "daddy, I don't want to get a spanking!".

I had to stick to my word, so, while trying to hold in my laughs, I got him dressed and we went to the basement.........It's always hard to follow through on discipline like this, especially when you see the fear in their eyes, but he definitely learned his lesson!

Hopefully this post generates a few laughs and brings back memories to some of you!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Pictures Summer 2010

We had family pictures taken a few weeks ago. The kids did well enough considering how it could have gone. Dad probably drug his feet more than anyone, since I love taking family pictures about as much as getting a tooth pulled.....

I cooperated until we started doing the "family holding hands while walking next to the lake" and then "sitting on the dock and splashing water with our legs". None of those will make the family album or the Christmas card.......

With Jayden turning 5 and the twins 1, we look back and say "wow, we made it through the last year with baby twins". It is getting more fun all the time with the 2 little squirts running around with their dolls, shopping carts, toy cell phones, and blankets. Man, how are they programmed to like babies, shopping, and cell phones already. I guess girls will be girls, huh.

Buzz looks very innocent, but that is just for show!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandpa Wiegand goes to his reward!

Grandpa Wiegand died early this morning. We rejoice with the Angels that he can go home, but we will all miss his great example here on earth. A few thoughts that come to mind when I think of Grandpa:
--He was a man of few words, but when he talked, everyone listened!
--He had a simple but yet super strong faith in God. His greatest joy at the end of life was when one of his grandkids turned to the Lord in repentance.
--He knew EVERYTHING about farming, animals, hunting, plants, trees, etc. He hated deer because they would eat his corn. One year, we asked him how many deer he got that day during deer season. Instead of saying "3", he said "well, 2 got away".
--Quality time with family was his greatest enjoyment in life.
--He faithfully preached the Word of God for 30 + years.
--He HATED big cities. Another one of my favorite grandpa quotes was when talking about Chicago, "I never lost anything there".
--He showed up early to EVERYTHING. Sometimes 30 minutes to 1 hour early! He always said "its better to be 20 minutes early, than to be 5 minutes late".
And probably his favorite saying toward the end of his life........."Take your time going home, but hurry back!".
We will miss him but rejoice that he is now at home after serving Jesus faithfully for over 70 years!